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The following questions and answers

The following questions and answers can be described as pressing harder and harder to see the face on the sponsors, Torres did not try to suppress the outbreak, but the answer can be seen in his displeasure.

How do you evaluate your own state? --- "I can state, and teammates, all efforts for the new season. "to speak of Torres, as well as Liverpool department, a former Red Army legend Barnes suggested, in order to activate the golden boy, the sell Drogba Chelsea. "Daily Mail" revealed in yesterday's training, his teammates rushed the floor Spaniards even angry, kick ball was a little Zhirkov's not in place, so that Torres could not comfortably kicker shot, the ball results Shepian EPL Football Shirts , the Spaniards broke out, he shouted loudly complained that the Russian people, can be described as unconventional.

Drogba up for each warm-up, the fans will sing his name, which gives the formation of the pressure field Torres." Coach Bo Asi Mingbu Chelsea Football Tops Ping for Torres: "As long as a player is not goals, your media will always haunt him . "In order to sell Drogba Torres? Performance from the field, this probably is not wise, flying Warcraft hoisting netted a goal, making Oolong Road Qiangdian also show the impact, although he was on the mid-season slump But do not forget that there are factors affected by the impact of malaria in Africa, the final Chelsea Shirt stage of Drogba was back the state, shows that once the body unharmed, he was still able to charge forward in the introduction of the new center is not the case, keep him for Chelsea keep a bottom line, once Torres still can not find the feeling, the Blues striker still room for maneuver.

Chelsea 4-0 victory over Hong Kong Jie Chi, the center finally opened and the players, Didier Drogba netted a goal and Disposable Needles the performance of active, individual ability to break by Stuart Ridge impressive, but unfortunately missed Torres still and goals, he 92 minutes hit the post, not make a joke of the media want him to shut up. "Daily Mail" mocking Natuoleisi compared with Sheva, to the Spaniards from the new name: the South more than just homes - Torres (Shev-Nando Torres), which means that Torres looks better than the "parallel" Sheva good to go." You are very tired of the criticism? --- "Do their living, so. "I want Torres success, I consider that to stay Drogba Chelsea do not," Barnes said, "because they both like to play the first center, even if the bench Drogba, Torres on the pitch there will be pressure, World of Warcraft is a fan favorite since.. Premier League Asia World Cup Football Shirt Cup before the press conference, the focus is entirely on Torres who, the reporter's questions to the Spaniards a stomach upset.." Why do you allow us to believe that you can retrieve the status of Liverpool? --- "I'm only 27 years old, I did not forget how to score! I will score!" Obviously, not scoring into Torres's heart, which even affected his daily mood. "This is Torres is not fair," Terry said, "He is now some pressure, but can cope with, he is one of the world's best striker, his desire to win..

But his teammates still support Torres, captain John Terry believes that the media grabbed the details of the training, and to compare Spanish and Sheva, is somewhat excessive.