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Something that reaches people in their homes

Both sports bottles and mugs also have good associations which makes them great promotional products. The great thing is that this reaches people in their homes, when they're relaxing, and on a subliminal level - and that they will outlast a simple advert on the TV or radio - being passed on and seen and used by the owners' friends and colleagues and guests. If your company is not well recognised, then it might alternatively lead to a discussion, or for someone to research your company and find out exactly what it is about. If you drink from the mug or bottle in a place where there are other people, they will all see you drinking from that mug and will also have your company brought to their attention. Even more so, a sports bottle is likely to be taken to the gym or to the park for runs meaning it gets brandished about more than it might otherwise.

The reasons for these are myriad. Say the mug gets used for three to five years and that's hundreds or even thousands of people it's reached. Likewise with a sports bottle you can come to associate the company with health and fitness (as will other people) which will reflect well and suggest your company has a good ethos (promoting health tends to go hand in hand with promoting fair trade, green values and other positive ideals). If you logo is well recognised, then every time someone sees or uses this product they will think of your company and its services and everything it represents. There's no better feeling than drinking out of a coffee mug first thing in the morning when you're tired, or when you haven't had your caffeine fix in a while, and so by drinking out of a mug that has a company name on the title you can learn to associate that company with the feeling of a cup of coffee.
People don't tend to throw away mugs, and chances are it'll be passed on and picked up by someone else. Additionally they can be used as an incentive to buy - a free gift that will sweeten a deal and/or make your company appear more generous for giving things away for free. Firstly - they won't wear out unlike a pen or a tshirt, and (particularly the mug) tend to last for several years.
Popular promotional items to use as gifts include coasters, mouse mats, coasters and stationary - but two of the most effective items are sports bottles. A mug for example might be brought into work or on a journey. Bought from a charity shop or donated to a doctor's - and that will get your product to places that might not even have heard from it and might even outlast your business as a legacy�
Another bonus of using a mug or a bottle is that they are likely to be used outside of the home.Promotional products are any products that bear the title or logo of your company and so promote your business every time they are seen.